What do you need to become a Fashion Designer?

If you consider a Fashion Designer career, you first want to know if you can apply to it.


What do you need to become a Fashion Designer?
* A strong passion for fashion. It's a rewarding and fun job that requires hard work. It's not a 9am-4pm job. You must be passionate if you want to enter this world.
* An artist sensibility (even if you're not currently an artist). That does not mean you must be a good artist. You will need to FEEL and FOCUS on your inspirations, then to VALUATE if your design work is what you wanted it to be.
* Faith and confidence in YOURSELF. You will also learn to be more confident, but you need to have some trust in your capabilities before you start your journey to fashion.
* Motivation to learn from your failures to keep going on. Success will not come at once. Learn to understand what was wrong, get better and try again.
* A mentor, someone who trusts you. He(she) will assist you, lead you, criticise your work and help you to grow.

About a mentor. He(She) can be a relative or a friend or a teacher that trusts you. His(Her) role is to help you focus on your design work, keep working for your clients niche, find ways to show out your work, help you find out what was wrong and what can be improved. A helping hand (and brain)is always an asset.

What is optional?
* To have good drawing skills. I've already stated o another post that  you don't need to draw like a worldwide famous artist, you just need to do good fashion sketches. This is easy to learn, but you will need to practice.
* To have good sewing skills. I'm convinced that a Fashion Designer needs to know basic knowledge about pattern making and sewing. This helps to work with the team, speak with the pattern maker and seamstress. It saves a lot of time during sampling of each clothe. The fashion team recognise you as a true fashion specialist and follow your instructions seamlessly.
* To have money. Of course it helps but you can begin with few money and grow.

Are classic Fashion Design schools THE solution?
If you're an artist who can draw and have money: YES. However you will have to learn a lot more about marketing, network building, business and commerce, branding, communication, and so on.

And what if I don't have all of this?
You have to follow another path, learn to get an artistic eye (you can learn to get one!), learn how to draw and then you will earn money. Once again, you need to learn about a FASHION ARTISTIC EYE and to learn about FASHION DRAWING. The evidence is you have to learn these two skills from a Fashion Design Teacher!

How and where can I learn to get an artistic eye and to draw?
Fashion Design is not an ART, it's an artistic job. Don't spend years in an Art school. You need to get a FASHION EYE and FASHION DRAWING skills, taught by a Fashion Design teacher.

Then what can I do? Browse on Internet and find as many free content as you can watch. While you watch them, sort out what is relevant and wit good quality from other stuffs (doing that will teach your eye and brain). Then you will begin to know about all skills you need to know about to be a successful fashion designer. 

Once you know what you need to learn, begin to browse for online courses, because they are much less expensive. Double check they provide a complete course on a wide range of topics. Don't trust any statement like "learn fashion design in 4 months for free!". All schools are doing in 2/3 years so an online course will need at least 9/12 months if you are working full time on it, and up to 2 years if you work on it half time.

Then, when you make your decision, apply and carefully attend to this course, work at home on each topic to train yourself until you feel comfortable with. When you're done, you get everything you need to launch your career.

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