About the latest Victoria Secret ‘s Fashion show

What's happening in the latest Victoria Secret Fashion show?

(pictures by Independent Digital News & Media Limited). Media say this show is simpler than the other ones. And, although it seems to be as glamorous as always they guess why.


As usual, last Victoria Secret's show gathered the most beautiful and sought-after models in the world but still, medias noticed some evolution. 

After so many years of almost no clothes and over sexy presentations, this time, models are surprisingly almost covered all over and sometimes totally covered. 


Picture by Digital News & Media Limited

Some media says Victoria Secret has currently some financial issue because the brand doesn't grow anymore. Others think that, as fashion is an ever-turning cycle, it's now time for a more modest show. Some eventually say it's a wise evolution after the #MeToo hurricane. I personally think that a brand cannot go forever increasing its fashion shows cost, there has to be some end to focus on other things than just show and glamour. 

But I guess there's also a much stronger trend persisting for a few years, Muslim countries market expansion. Muslim market is huge and is now reaching a mature behaviour. Muslim women are no more buying clothes, underwear and accessories just because they are trendy in western countries, they have their own specific requests. The number of Muslim brands for "modest clothing", fashion schools and fashion shows in these countries is increasing fast. 

In addition to this, religion's influence and morality are coming back strong after about 50 years of "almost free individual behaviour", not only in South Asia but in North America as well.

That's why I guess this could be amongst the reason that leads Victoria Secret to present a "more modest" show with gorgeous but less sexy outfits.

What is your feeling about this evolution of fashion in the next years? Do you agree? Or not? 


Picture by Digital News & Media Limited

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