Your first Fashion Sketch

October 31, 2018

Your first Fashion Sketch may not be as expected...

Here you are, jumping in the big blue of Fashion Design, ready to begin your journey, and you assume  Sketching will be the main part of your new life's job.


Everyone gets this image in mind, a famous Fashion Designer sketching easily wondrous clothes before letting his team deal with it and build easily the first sample. And you are craving to be this very one........Wait just a minute!
Real Fashion Designer's life is not exactly like that.

For every piece of clothing shown out during your fashion show, there will be often dozens of sketches. The very first just to register some ideas, some details that are inspiring you at the moment. Then another bunch of sketches to figure out combinations between shapes, colours and details. These sketches have usually fabric samples pinned to. Only the very last sketches will show out information about details and volumes as well as samples of fabric along with details of the back if relevant.

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Not to mention the number of sketches you've sorted out during the process. Now you understand that Fashion creation is a long process that requires reflexion, time and work. 

ABOUT CREATION PROCESS, it's not all about sketching

Don't even think about going for Fashion Design without any mood board! What is a mood board? Well, it's the result of a research process that sorted out any item, picture, material that is inspiring you NOW. You'll use this mood board all along your creation process and you'll have a different one for each Fashion collection you'll design.

Creating and using a mood board will help you to focus on what your collection will include and will give it consistency. At that stage, there is no sketching involved yet. Most of the time, during your creation process, your sketches will be very quick and rough croquis of what you have in mind. They are meant to register your ideas and help you focus.

Only later on, when you'll seek for some advice from your creating team and pattern maker and sample seamstress, you'll need to draw more refined sketches. Unless you are doing all by yourself, that never could lead you to grow your business successfully, you will have to get a positive feedback from everyone in your staff.

And always keep in ind that Fashion sketch is not Fashion illustration. The latter would take you too much time and keep you out of focus.  You need to stay focused and save time instead!


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