Remote location: an impossible challenge for a Fashion Designer?

Remote locations may get the challenge tougher, but still not impossible

Enter your text here...Back in the 20th century, living in a remote location was a tremendous challenge for a Fashion Designer. In fact, he had to move or to find another job!


I experienced it myself when I left Paris in 1990. It had been a hard path to come back to fashion design (although a happy period too) and I'm now extremely happy to be back to this lifestyle because it's the one I love most. Now, in 2018, things are a lot different and there are opportunities for whom is ready to catch them and work hard to make them grow into a successful business (or just into a marvellous hobby, it depends on what you are looking for).

First, let's speak about the location in itself. If your location is remote to the point you don't have an internet connection or no access to any fabric supplier, you'd better consider changing your mind or move.

If you have an internet connection and some fabric supplier available, you're not that remote

Let's figure out you live in a small town where there's no fashion design community at all, you still have a chance to build your business. Provided you're intimately convinced you are (or you will be) a good fashion designer and you're stubborn enough to work hard to become a good Fashion Designer. 

Motivation and hard work are the keys to be successful, wherever you work from.

You need to learn or to update your skills, then learn online

There are plenty of online courses, and S4FD course is one of the most complete and professional. You can get tips and advice, watch hundreds of videos, discuss with other aspiring fashion designers etc. Just make sure to choose a professional source and avoid adverts like: "fashion design diploma in 4 months for free". 

Find a local niche of local clients you can work for

Find how you can help them, solve their problem, help them. Ask them how much they would pay to get what they are looking for. Don't design only for perfectly fit clients, look around you and design for people around you. Ask your clients to speak about you to their friends. Did you know that Christian Dior began his career by designing clothes for his mother's friends?

Contact your local press and become locally famous as a Fashion Designer (easy as you are the only one) or a Fashion Blogger or a Fashion Journalist. Be overactive on social media. Focus on quality and learn to design better. Focus on your country market, it's the market you know best. When you're a fashion guru where you are, go all around to extend your fame all over your region and build a local business. At this point, clients will come to you by themselves. 

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At some point, you'll need to move to grow your business but you'd better use your roots to build a strong and personal fashion ID.

See Nelson Pillay's fashion creations on this page.   He's a talented South African Fashion Designer building his fashion ID and business from a remote location. 

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