Learning in a traditional school, where you attend your lessons in a school class and pay for a rental nearby during several years :

  1. Full fashion design course including fashion trends, fabrics technology, sketching technique: €5,247.00
  2. Full draping and flat pattern drafting course with an introduction to computerised patterns: €2,497.00
  3. Full cutting and sewing course using industrial sizes and bespoke measures: €2,987.00
  4. Bunches of bonuses including One to one Support when needed, additional pdf and videos about special techniques, sewing skills videos, access to other students support to study more cases, special videos to show out author tips and tricks, total value €3,988.00

TOTAL VALUE after at least 3 years of full-time study: € 14,719.00


You study from home and become a Fashion Designer in months (usually 9 to 18 months)​​    

You study at your own pace, you can go on working or taking care of your family

You follow a step-by-step course, it's not courses about skills just put together​​

The First step of this course is FREE so you can valuate it before paying anything

You work at home just like you'd do in real Fashion Design life: Mood boards, Colors, Fabrics, Focusing, Drawing, Organising your collection, Portfolio, Draping, Pattern making, Sewing, Fashion show, Marketing, Building your business, Advertising.

When you're done with your course, you have a brand and a collection to show out.

You have lots of support and even 1:1 support when and as much as needed, and your course remains available for 3 years after your initial subscription or pay as yo go purchase.

Subscribe to the full online course paying only only once €956.00* and save €277.00​​


 with our fantastic PAY AS YOU GO plan: €137.00 for each step**

To receive a link by mail when a course is on launch and subscribe during launch period. It's free, no engagement, no hassle. You can opt-out when you want.

*With the one and only payment, you get access to steps 2 to step 10 of our course, each step beginning after the one before is finished and you keep access to the whole course for 3 years. Total price of the course with one only payment is €956.00.

**You pay for the following step when you can afford. You keep access to the steps you've paid for, for 3 years. Note: To attend a step, you need to study before all skills from every previous steps, from 1: beginner up to 10: professional. Total price of the course with pay as you go formula is €1,233.00.

Discounts for small groups, please contact us

NGOs & Charities please contact us for a bespoke quotation

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