A quick overview of fashion world

The fashion world is still a rather secret world, even for aspiring Fashion Designers

(design by Marie on artcreationsbymariec.art). The fashion world is a huge world that includes a large number of smaller worlds. Big numbers hide many different realities...


In her artistic blog, artcreationsbymariec.art, Marie explains how Fashion World works ... generally.

She gives lots of details and it's clear she made a thorough research before she posts, thank you, Marie. It's not that often that bloggers take time to get fully informed before they post. She even gives average salaries (in Australian $) for all careers.

What I like most in her post is that:

Fashion design–is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by Cultural and Social attitudes, and has changed over Time and in Place. Fashion Designers work in a number of Different ways, in Designing clothes and accessories. Designers, anticipate changes in Consumer tastes. Designers conduct research on fashion Trends and interpret them for their Audiences. There is a variation in the market, that is determined by the buying and merchandising approach, the Product and the Quality… Budget retailers use Inexpensive fabrics to interpret trends, the High-end retailers, use the Best of the Available fabrics.

and of course her drawings:


A nice post from Marie Crimi

I like her drawing because:

- it's spontaneous

- it's strongly personal

- she doesn't care to follow any trend or copy what she saw elsewhere

- she highlights the dress, the shape, the volume, the colours and not her skill at drawing

- she's not a Fashion Designer yet her sketch almost could go like this in a pattern maker's hands.

It's a wonderful illustration of what should be a fashion sketch!

Thank you, Marie,

You can read this post at https://creationsbymariec.art/2018/10/22/fashion-design-and-fashion-art-creations/

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