Inside S4FD course, Building a Mood Board

What's up inside S4FD Course? The building of a Mood Board.

(picture by Bench Accounting on From the very first videos they watch on line, S4FD members are invited to build their own Mood Board. But how?


First they learn about a Mood Board: What's this? Why is this board so important? How can I manage to build mine? But they feel quite at a loss and that's perfectly normal!

That's why our author presents all the items she's gathered to build her own Mood Board, explaining for each of them why she's chosen them, what kind of inspiration they brought to her and how she intend to use them...or not.

All along S4FD course, members watch show case studies to help them understand how they can achieve this part of Fashion Design process FOR THEMSELVES.

Then the author explains how and why she's sorted out several fabrics and details to focus on her next collection. While you are making your own journey toward your first collection, she does just the same with hers, and show you several ideas for a pencil skirt she 's currently working on. 

Our purpose is to show you how you can make your own Mood Board, focus on it until you get a better vision of what will be your inspiration(s) for this collection and then sketch to find what will be your very first creation: a pencil skirt that's truly yours (and not the one all other students are working on during the same course).

Attending S4FD course, members can get support contacting directly the author and watching her support videos as she's always updating them.


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