Mood Board versus Trends

November 1, 2018

Why should I make my own Mood Board? I could just use Trends!

(picture by Jazmin Quaynor at What are the differences between Mood Board and Trends?


Making his(her) own Mood Board is essential for any Fashion Designer before any collection. It's a rather long process to go through. Some Fashion Designers are even making several Mood Boards.

Why don't they only use (buy) available trends? What is a trend?

To make it simple, a trend is a mood board produced and sold by a specialised company to a specific fashion industry (ready-to-wear, mass production, magazines etc). Trends are one of the main reasons why street fashion is somehow "uni style". It's a commercial and non-personalised vision that makes huge money.

Why Trends are not made for you:

You are a Fashion Designer, or a Fashion Designer to be, you're not supposed to follow the other's path don't you? You, as a Fashion Designer, are creating your fashion path and building your fashion identity for all to appreciate and recognise collection after collection. Your fans are craving to see your next personal and creative collection and certainly not your vision of every one trend!

Your collection is your vision of fashion of the moment and cannot be following a trend another person produced to earn money with... It's as simple as that.


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