How to make your portfolio

Fashion Designer's portfolios are as personal as are their collections, they are of various types and sizes. On S4FD Fashion Designers Portfolio gallery, we have a portfolio pattern you will have to fill in to show out 1 theme only. This will ensure all displayed Portfolios to be easily readable and comparable for the reader.


Portfolio pattern to follow to get into our Portfolio Gallery

Your portfolios will include at least 10 pages in landscape layout format. Each page will be saved under .jpg or .jpeg file, that is a good quality picture of your work pages. When your portfolio is completed, just send your pages by mail at (see down this page for conditions). You can also browse on Wikipedia for tips. You can send fashion portfolio about womenswear, menswear, sportswear, children wear, underwear, nightwear, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery.

Don't forget to be true to yourself and creative!

Page 1 (cover)- A nice visual presentation of yourself and your artistic style (no text longer than 20 words or no text at all). Make it strong and simple to understand. Please, all texts in English!

Page 2- Your sources of inspiration - That is the result of your focusing on your mood board. It's a mix of pictures, materials, drawings, headings, colors etc. See S4FD's posts about mood boards. Please, all texts in English!

Page 3- Your theme definition - This page must illustrate your inspiration and explain to the reader why it inspires you and what you want to say through your small collection with as few words as possible. Keep your page VISUAL, insert only a few STRONG words and be PERSONAL. Indicate shortly at the bottom of the page who is your targeted client (better with a picture, collage or a drawing). Place a watermark on all your design works. Please, all texts in English!

Page 4- Your colour research - Display what colors and technics are matching your theme. Make sure to indicate how colors will be used (as blocks, flashy, watery, with smooth edges etc.). Place a watermark on all your design works. Please, all texts in English!

Page 5- Your fabric research- Display what kind of fabric you want to use, what personal print, what kind of knit pattern etc. Give an idea of fabric cost and make sure the cost is related with your targeted client. Place a watermark on all your design works. Please, all texts in English!

Page 6- Other researches- Display on this page all relevant details, embroidery, embellishment, non-fabric materials, samplings etc. Explain very shortly why it's relevant. Place a watermark on all your design works. Please, all texts in English!

Page 7-  Display what accessories and shoes you'd like your clothe to be worn with. It can be a drawing or a collage. Keep on monitoring the cost of accessories with your targeted client. If it's too expensive, find an inventive and cheaper accessory. Place a watermark on all your design works. Please, all texts in English!

Page 8 and successive - Drawings of your small collection, at least 4 complete outfits. Maximum 2 per page. Your drawing must be of illustration quality with colors (that is the best you currently can draw). Place a watermark on all your design works. Please, all texts in English!

Last page- Display elements of your collection in a nice and appealing way. Explain SHORTLY what will be your next fashion step. Include your photo and fashion details in a stylish business card. (if you are less than 18, ask your parents or an adult you trust to send the portfolio for you). Tip: your fashion details should be different from your personal details, be careful to protect your private life. Please, all texts in English!

Optional: along with your portfolio, send us a good quality video (max.4mn) in which you explain in English what is personal in your portfolio, as a .mpeg file. 

Why should I have my portfolio displayed in your gallery?

You will have your work displayed, you will have a support by chat if you want to improve your design work, you will use your URL on S4FD Portfolio Gallery as a virtual business card, AND ALL FOR FREE!

After you improve your Fashion Designer's skills, you can send us another portfolio to be displayed instead of your old one, ALL FOR FREE!

It's a way for us to show out how we can support aspiring Fashion Designers. It's a FREE WIN-WIN service.

What about my copyright?

We accept only personal design works with a watermark to protect your copyright. But we don't accept any responsibility if you think your work has been copied. 

Do I have to attend your fashion course to have my portfolio displayed?

No, not at all. It's free and without any engagement.


  • This service is totally FREE for aspiring and trained Fashion Designers who want/need to show out their portfolio. Portfolios from a brand or an existing business will be denied.
  • Portfolios will be carefully sorted out before display on S4FD Portfolio Gallery. Incomplete portfolios will be denied automatically. All personal design work must be watermarked with your name or logo to be displayed.
  • If your portfolio doesn't meet our quality expectations, we will come back to you with tips and directions to improve it and be eventually displayed on S4FD Portfolio Gallery
  • S4FD remains the sole manager of S4FD Portfolio Gallery and the way it's displayed or advertised.
  • You can end this service when you want. Just send us a mail to inform us you want to stop and your portfolio will be cancelled.
  • For any other question, please contact us there

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