FREE Fashion Design Course Step 1

 During this FREE step 1, you will go through an introduction to every fashion skill you will learn during this Fashion Design course.  Begin creating your first collection from scratch! This 1st course step will be available soon! We are currently working on it.


FREE Step 1 of Fashion Design Course (coming soon!)

Your first contact with Fashion World

This step includes 9 parts to go through: fashion illustration basis, introduction to mood boards, how to focus on a mood board, introduction to fabric research, method to draw your collection, introduction to pattern making, presentation of sewing basis, first contact with business, introduction to marketing.

Use these links below to go through each part, making sure to completely finish one step before going through the following one.

     Welcome to S4FD Fashion Design online course.

  1. Fashion illustration basis, silhouettes, volumes, mouvement, colors
  2. Introduction to mood boards: why and how you will use them
  3. Principe of focusing: find your inspiration, find your theme
  4. Introduction to fabric research: type of fabrics, cost monitoring, maintenance issues
  5. Method to draw a collection: wow factor, consistency, numbers, production cost monitoring
  6. Introduction to pattern making: how it works from the sketch to production samples
  7. Sewing: what sewing skills you will learn and why
  8. First contact with business: search for your niche and target client
  9. Introduction to marketing: study your local fashion market

Now you're done with step 1, you can go on with steps 2 to 10. ​​Subscribe to S4FD Fashion Design online course to discover and learn from step 2 up to step 10.


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