Inside S4FD course, Focus on a Mood Board

Now that I've made my mood board(s), what else? 

(picture from Cameron Ballard on Focusing on your mood board will help you sort out what you truly want to express with this collection.


Many people think that finding Fashion Design ideas is difficult. This is a misunderstanding of Fashion Design Creation process. Once the mood board is done, there are usually too much of them!  A flow of ideas indeed! To build your mood board you've sorted out shapes, details, colours, fabrics, pictures of arts, street pictures, movies, toys... whatever was inspiring you at that moment. 

As a S4FD Fashion Designer student, during part1-step1, you have to focus about combining 2 or 3 ideas together, to focus about fabric colours, to focus about what's inspiring you most, and sort out what is not that relevant or not combining well with other parts of your mood board. Maybe you will use these elements for another collection or not at all!

Your mood board is now smaller. Keep on focusing on combining ideas together until you feel you have found out your collection theme. A theme is a small collection in itself that can be included in a larger one. If your collection is large enough you may have several themes. Is your theme matching with your fashion identity? Are your themes going well together? Imagine your next fashion show... Is there a consistency, a link between these themes? 

All along your focusing process, you keep on sketching to record your ideas and mix your sketches with samples of colours, strips of fabrics. You try several combinations of fabrics and other materials. Cut, glue, draw, use dolls to imagine the final effect, use whatever method that gives you a good glimpse and help you in your process while saving time (because you have to deal with your deadline).

Keep in mind that you will keep on sorting out afterwards, so it's wiser to keep more themes than you may need. You may decide at sampling stage that one theme simply doesn't go well in your collection and cancel it, it happens all the time! 

Focusing is a good way (I even think the only way) to finally create consistent new collections that stick to your fashion identity or the brand identity, although they are each time coming from different inspirations.


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