The fashion design course you were looking for

Welcome! Thank you for your visit! 

This is the Fashion Design course I'd have loved to find myself!

I'm Anya Camau, the author of this FASHION DESIGN COURSE. I'm an extensively experienced Fashion Designer and Pattern Drafter. I attend a famous (and expensive) Fashion School, yet I first struggled to find my own place in fashion world. That's why I created this ONLINE, PRACTICAL, EASY, STEP-BY-STEP, COMPLETE Fashion Design course.


If you cannot enter a famous Fashion School because:

  •  You don't know how you can become a Fashion Designer
  • You're too young but you want to begin with Fashion Design now 
  • There's no Fashion School where you live
  • You're not that rich and can't afford an expensive Fashion School for several years
  • You don't draw and you think this is a definite issue (or you don't sew)
  • You already have a job or you're a stay-at-home mum
  • Your family or religion or social life makes it impossible for you to attend a Fashion School
  • You hate going to school or you're currently a student but it's boring you
  • You want to change job or make your hobby a real job and open your business

you're at the right place, but be aware that you have to learn a lot and work hard.

I'm here to show you out what is a Fashion Design job, to teach you all bases you'll need to launch your own brand successfully, to lead you in your journey to Fashion Design, to explain and showcase all necessary skills, to support you whenever you are stuck, to congratulate you when you make a step ahead,

and when you're done with it, to see you living the life you want to live!

I can't stand to meet you here, Cheers, Anya

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