Fashion Design Course – Step 1 – Part 2

How to attend this course? Just go through each page and all its contents, one after the other. Watch every video, read every captions, download documents and train by yourself following our assignments called "Personal Work".

How long does it take to go through the whole course? It takes usually about 9 months if you dedicate your free time, studying carefully each step, achieving at your best all your Personal Work as assigned. Don't worry if it takes you longer to go through each step, maybe because your have less free time, your course will remain available in your account for as long as you'll need it.

Before you watch the first video, please download these 3 PDFs, thank you - 

Glossary of Fashion Design Your Fashion Design tool list - Sketching silhouettes

Next video is your very first contact with quick, basic sketching along with an introduction to the "Research to find inspiration process"

Personal Work: 

  • Find pencil skirts sketches on the Internet and train to sketch using S4FD Silhouette beneath your paper sheet.
  • Search and gather items (pictures, collages, objects, books, fabrics, pieces of material, trims...) that are inspiring you and begin to build your board

Your Fashion Design teacher, Anya Camau, shows you how she'd do it herself

Personal Work:

  • Go on with your own research then go on deeper with what is appealing you most
  • Begin to valuate combinations of colours, shapes, fabrics, trims etc. Then sort out 2 or 3 of them.

How quick drafts can help you to imagine and find out what details are matching what you have in mind. 

Personal Work:

  • Look for fashion pictures on the Internet and build list of details you can add to your pencil skirt: pockets, pleats, ruffles, ruches, appliques, holes, painting, embroideries, trims, buttons, zips...
  • With S4FD silhouette underneath your paper sheet, sketch your pencil skirt and experiment each of them until you find out YOUR best ones according to your current feeling, mood, inspiration

What History of Clothing and Folk Clothing provide you and why they are important - 4 case studies

Personal Work:

Why you don't have to care about Trends

Once you're completely done with this step and gone through all personal work,

it's time to go to part1 - Step 2

We wish you a lot of fun while you go on towards your Fashion Designer's new life

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