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S4FD is not only a great online Fashion Design course. Here aspiring Fashion Designers can find great free content, support and display their latest or best fashion portfolio. This service is totally free and lasts as long as you want it to. If you want to display your own portfolio, here is how it works...


It's a free service and it will remain free

Who can apply? Anyone who thinks he(she) has fashion design capabilities, beginners, students or even trained designers looking for a job opportunity or willing to launch their own brand. You can be a teen, a student in a non-fashion college, a working adult, a stay-at-home mother, unemployed or retired individual. (if you are less than 18, your parents will send your portfolio on your behalf).

Who cannot apply? Brands or fashion designers with already existing businesses can't apply

What kind of fashion? Any strongly personal fashion portfolio about womenswear, menswear, children wear, underwear, costume, accessories, jewellery etc can apply 

What kind of Portfolio? We accept short and easy to read portfolio made using our pattern. Read more here for tips to build you fashion portfolio.

Are all portfolios accepted? No, we have a minimum quality requirement for portfolios. When we receive a portfolio, we check that our quality requirements are met before we display it on a specific page. This page will become the fashion designer's personal page. 

What if my portfolio is denied? We will state the reason why your portfolio is denied (incomplete portfolio, bad quality pictures, bad pattern, non-personal design work) and give you tips to improve it and be checked another time. You can try as many time as you want so you improve each time!

Can I display more than one portfolio at the same time? No, but you can change the portfolio you are displaying, just by sending the new one.

What about my copyright? We ask for watermarks on ALL your design works to protect them against copy. But we don't provide any other protection.

When does it end? When you want it to end or when you've launched your own brand. 

Why is it positive for me to display here my portfolio? At the end of your portfolio, there are your fashion designer's details. Readers can reach you directly.

Why do you do this for free? Along with our online fashion design course, which is not free, we provide support for aspiring fashion designers even if they are not attending our course. This portfolio gallery is a way of providing support for them. 

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