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November 3, 2018

Make your fashion clients or fashion fans crave your next show

(picture by Fancycrave at This will make a huge difference in your journey to success...


Attending your S4FD course, you're learning to build your fashion identity, your brand and your fashion business. You've identified your fashion target, the niche market in which you can succeed first. You know who are your clients and where they are. You know them and you're aware of your market prices.

Now you have to shoot an irresistible offer especially made for THEM and keep on doing it 


Your clothes or products are great, as unique as your fashion identity is, your ideas seem fresh and new. Your brand and identity are easily recognisable. You're the local fashion Guru. Let your clients and fans speak about you and your business will grow. Show them you're thankful for that and make them feel gratified.


As you draw your collection with your niche market in mind, your clothes or products are appealing to your clients or fans. In your small niche you make the buzz each time you show out new items. Your clients know you well, they feel there's a special relationship between you and them. This builds their desire to see what's up on your next fashion show.


You know your clients. You know about their needs and dreams. Stay within and take care to stay within your market price as well. They are absolute fans because you create for THEM.


This is THE red line you'd never cross over. Take a great care to produce and sell comfortable clothes that FIT. Use your Pattern Maker basic or advanced skills to produce clothes that make your client look prettier, thinner, younger. Always triple check with your model that she(he) can breathe, move, sit down when she(he)wears your sample. Keep on working on a garment until the shape is just perfect. Never go for bad fit and bad shape.

A bad fit would send your clients away forever.


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