Is fashion all about vanity?

(pictures by Faye Cornish on Well, maybe, but plenty of people earn their living thanks to this industry worldwide. 


However, nobody can deny that fashion and vanity are close relatives. Just have a look at media, famous people, models, wealthy people and you will soon feel fashion is very much about vanity.

It's not surprising that all religions are against visible and non-modest clothing, they fight against vanity, selfishness to promote love and compassion. Or at least they should do, unlike most extreme versions of religious behaviours nowadays.

Is that all? I've got the feeling there's a lot more to be said on that particular topic. 

Historically, clothing appeared very early from the need to protect the body from the cold and other aggressions. But archaeologic researches showed out that fashion appeared just a while after! There it becomes clear that clothes have always been a social marker as well. Nice clothes were worn by powerful and rich people, and amongst powerful and rich people, wearing new clothes was even more appreciated, and new clothes are fashionable clothes of course!

Then as society evolved clothing evolved along with it, always as a social marker in each period even though peasant clothing was not evolving that quickly. Whatever your figure was, your social situation decided for you what kind of clothing you'd wear.

In our modern society, things have partly changed. High fashion (haute couture) are still designed for the wealthiest (and often the more powerful ones) but other fashion branches have appeared: mass clothing, ready-to-wear, luxury ready-to-wear etc. Now that we've got the choice of our clothing, according to our personal budget, we can use this choice to express our own personality or, at the opposite, hide our internal doubts and lack of confidence. An illustration of this evolution is the growing choice of extra sizes (very small and sizes+), of "niche" designers, and most lately of "ethnic or cultural" styles.

Maybe the XXIst evolution of fashion lays in this overflowing choice for everyone to find out his(her)own style and maybe the number of fashion bloggers and influencers is ever growing because many of us simply don't know what style of clothing to choose...

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