I'm not good at drawing, will S4FD do for me? Yes, you don't need to be good at drawing, you just need to train on sketching to be able to draw what you have in your mind and make your partners/colleagues understand what you mean. BELIEVE ME! I'm very bad at drawing myself! This has never been an issue for me, except at fashion school!

I don't sew, how can I create my own collection? Basic and medium level sewing technics are shown out in S4FD course so you will be able to sew your own outfits. Even if you may not need to sew later on if you are lucky enough to have a full team working with you, it's always better to know sewing technics so you can speak with your seamstress knowing what they are talking about.

How can I be sure I will like fashion design? If you've been always dreaming of the Fashion world and you're willing to give lots of extra work to enter this lifestyle, then fashion design is made for you. 

Am I truly secure when I pay online on your website? S4FD website is linked with PayPal secure gateway. When you pay you're already inside secured PayPal system. Read our PayPal page for more information.

Do I have to buy step 2 if I study your free step 1: Not at all but you'd miss a great course!

What's inside S4FD full online fashion design course? S4FD provides full and great content, on a professional level. See the list of included knowledge and skills on our home page and programme page.

Can it be sufficient to study fashion design online? S4FD provides a multi-media course including PowerPoint presentations, Videos, PDFs and a list of books to read.  It's just like you are in a classic fashion design classroom. If you study all the 10 steps, you will get professional skills. Just check you have a good connection to the Internet before you subscribe. 

Do you provide any free training? We may choose to give some tips and tricks for free but a full fashion design course must come with full support thus cannot be free. You can study our 1st Step for free to make your decision before you go on with step 2.

How long will I take to become a fashion designer? S4FD full design course has been organised to last for about 9 months, but you may take longer. A maximum duration has been set at 3 years but you can contact us to ask for some more time explaining your situation

Does your course require personal work as well? Yes, you'll have to go through each lesson at home to be able to build your own collection. This may require many hours.

What kind of support will I have? Your teacher is there to support you when you're stuck. You can send her pictures of your work in progress and small videos to explain your issue.  She may register a small video to fix your issue and share it with other students.

What certificate will I get at the end of the course? An S4FD completion of course certificate with all details about the knowledge and skills you've learned so you can present it if you're looking for a job in fashion.

Will I be able to begin a fashion design carrier when I finish my S4FD course? Of course, you will, this course has been created with this purpose on mind!

Will S4FD provide me with tools and hardware? No. S4FD provides great learning material but don't provide any hardware. You'll get a list of essential tools to have with you at the beginning of the course, you can borrow it or buy it, even second hand. You won't need expensive stuff to get started.

In which language is your course? S4FD is in English.

I'm not good at speaking English, will I do it the same? It might be a little bit tough at the beginning but you won't be the only one like this. S4FD will provide you with a list of technical terms. Don't forget Fashion is international so English is compulsory.

When is your next course launch? See next launch date on "course launches" page . Pre-register to receive a mail when our launch is on so you won't miss anything.

Why are there only 25 students in each group? Our teacher cannot support a large number of students. They'd be waiting for too long. That's what we decided to set this restriction. This might not apply during our 2 weeks trial.

Can I download S4FD course material? All extra bonuses and add-ons documents will be available for downloading but lessons and additional videos will be readable only online by streaming. 

Will S4FD support me after I finish my course? We provide a fantastic FASHION PORTOFLIO GALLERY service completely free of charge. You just have to make your portfolio following our explanation and send us your portfolio by email. First we check it to valuate it, then display it in our FASHION PORTFOLIO GALLERY or send it back to you with tips to improve it. After you improved it, you can send it back and we will display it. Your portfolio will be displayed with your fashion design details (no personal detail) so you get contacted directly by our visitors.