Create real clothes

October 31, 2018

Ofcourse you want to create real clothes!

But did you check with your pattern maker and you seamstress that your creation is producible? (picture from Volha Flaxeco on


This mistake is the one new Fashion Designers usually make. Because they don't know anything about pattern making or about sewing, because they want very much to draw their dream collection, they assume that everything will run smoothly to produce the first samples. But this can be a heavy failure instead!

They want their collection to be unique but they simply don't take care of real life production issues too often. That doesn't mean they have to draw a plain and boring collection. They only have to keep in mind that the target is to produce clothes.

Fashion Designers are creators indeed but they work in the real material world. Successful Fashion Designers have the ability to express their high creativity while they stay within several boundaries: available fabrics, cost of production, image and keys of their brand, location, season etc.

To avoid making this mistake yourself, you can learn the basics of pattern making and sewing attending S4FD course or any other valuable course. This basic knowledge will help you all along your Fashion Designer carrier, although you may never make a pattern or sew by yourself.

Even if you're lucky enough to design with the support of a full team, this basic knowledge is always helpful. It helps to save time because the sample won't need to be altered so many times and, at the very least, you'll be able to understand what the pattern maker and the seamstress are talking about.

Don't forget, deadlines are at the core of your job!

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