Contract and payments


When you subscribe online to S4FD full online fashion design course, you accept at the same moment and automatically that access and use are strictly governed by S4FD Terms and Conditions available on this site and to no other conditions. 


When you subscribe online to S4FD full online fashion design course, you can choose between two ways of paying:

  1. through a pay as you go plan, paying €137.00 for each step after the 1st one which is free.
  2. With only one payment of €956.00

All payments proceed only ONLINE through a Paypal secured gateway at subscription moment.


Date of beginning of your contract with S4FD is your full or first payment date, according to your choice of payment plan. During contract duration (3 years), you will have a protected access to the purchased training course and its content.

From that moment S4FD and yourself must act in compliance with S4FD terms and Conditions. S4FD provides you with an online training as advertise on this website.

On your part, you agree that you mustn't copy or forward or sell or lend any content of any course to another  person. If S4FD becomes aware that you are sharing or selling any content of this course, S4FD will immediately disconnect your account and will not refund you, under any circumstance,  for the loss of non attended lessons.


If, after an unlikely and terrible event,  S4FD cannot provide you with all the lessons and services included in his course, you will be refunded of not attended lessons on a pro-rata basis.

If, for any reason, you change your mind during FREE S4FD 1st step of Full Online Fashion Course, and want to terminate, you have nothing to do. S4FD will not ask you why you changed your mind. 

If you inform us you don't want to study the step from S4FD you've paid for on a pay as you go basis or that you don't want to go through all steps of your course, there will be no refund.


This contract between you and S4FD has a duration of  3 years from subscription date. That means you will be disconnected at that date, even if you didn't attend or use all its content.  This resolution may be delayed upon previous request and S4FD following agreement.

If you inform us you want to leave the course before contract duration, we will definitely cancel your account and you won't have any further access to it.


Your account is monitored by your tutor to assure that you are processing smoothly through your course. If a suspect activity is noticed that make us feel you are sharing, selling, copying the course content, we will deactivate immediately your account and send you a mail to ask for explanation about this suspect activity. If we are not convinced by your explanations or get no reply at all after 2 weeks, your account will be definitely cancelled, with no refund.