About the latest Victoria Secret ‘s Fashion show

What's happening in the latest Victoria Secret Fashion show?

(pictures by Independent Digital News & Media Limited). Media say this show is simpler than the other ones. And, although it seems to be as glamorous as always they guess why.

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A quick overview of fashion world

The fashion world is still a rather secret world, even for aspiring Fashion Designers

(design by Marie on The fashion world is a huge world that includes a large number of smaller worlds. Big numbers hide many different realities...

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Inside S4FD course, Focus on a Mood Board

Now that I've made my mood board(s), what else? 

(picture from Cameron Ballard on Focusing on your mood board will help you sort out what you truly want to express with this collection.

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Inside S4FD course, Building a Mood Board

What's up inside S4FD Course? The building of a Mood Board.

(picture by Bench Accounting on From the very first videos they watch on line, S4FD members are invited to build their own Mood Board. But how?

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The fashion design course you were looking for

Welcome! Thank you for your visit! 

This is the Fashion Design course I'd have loved to find myself!

I'm Anya Camau, the author of this FASHION DESIGN COURSE. I'm an extensively experienced Fashion Designer and Pattern Drafter. I attend a famous (and expensive) Fashion School, yet I first struggled to find my own place in fashion world. That's why I created this ONLINE, PRACTICAL, EASY, STEP-BY-STEP, COMPLETE Fashion Design course.

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