Design for free?

Is designing for free mandatory to be more visible?

You are an aspiring Fashion Designer or you are beginning to build your fashion job. As soon as your blog or website or Instagram account get some visibility, you are often offered free collaborations on several projects, all glamorous and truly appealing. At the same moment, you are craving to build your fashion identity... What should you do?

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Self taught Fashion Designer?

A certificate cannot define your talent unless you have skills to sell it, says Manis Joshi (21),

during an interview. He's an aspiring and young Indian fashion designer and he believed the same when he was at the point of initiating his career in fashion designing. (see this interview  at

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S4FD Fashion Portfolio Gallery

Show your fashion portfolio right here

S4FD is not only a great online Fashion Design course. Here aspiring Fashion Designers can find great free content, support and display their latest or best fashion portfolio. This service is totally free and lasts as long as you want it to. If you want to display your own portfolio, here is how it works...

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Visibility versus protection

You're not thinking about VISIBILITY versus PROTECTION issues when you build your brand...but you'd better do it from the start!

You're already overwhelmed by all you have to achieve when you're building you fashion ID, build your brand, create your very first collections. Why should you bother about design protection? Why not just let go?

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Is 70s style coming back?


I must say I'm glad they do because I was too young at that period so 70s are not in my background. It's always instructing to think why this style becomes new again just NOW!

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How fashion design can make you happy?

(pictures by Petr Sevcovic on Fashion Design is a demanding job but it brings you HUGE FUN at the same time. If you're a fashion addict, you will adore becoming a Fashion Designer

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