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Size chart

Your size chart is a part of your fashion brand ID

Did you ever tried on clothes you like in a shop then discover the size doesn't fit you at all? You are not that fat but you have to try on an XL or XXL? Whatever you try on, it's too long or too short?  Well, personally I hate this and it's enough for me to get out of the shop and never buy from this brand again!

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Visibility versus protection

You're not thinking about VISIBILITY versus PROTECTION issues when you build your brand...but you'd better do it from the start!

You're already overwhelmed by all you have to achieve when you're building you fashion ID, build your brand, create your very first collections. Why should you bother about design protection? Why not just let go?

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Why illustration is dangerous

Illustration is useful but not when you're focusing to find inspiration

(picture by Josefa nDiaz on Illustrator and fashion designer are two very different jobs. Spending lots of time to draw amazing illustrations of your garments could even dangerous for your deadlines.

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Fashion, Desire, Need and FIT

Make your fashion clients or fashion fans crave your next show

(picture by Fancycrave at This will make a huge difference in your journey to success...

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Mood Board versus Trends

Why should I make my own Mood Board? I could just use Trends!

(picture by Jazmin Quaynor at What are the differences between Mood Board and Trends?

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Create real clothes

Ofcourse you want to create real clothes!

But did you check with your pattern maker and you seamstress that your creation is producible? (picture from Volha Flaxeco on

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Your first Fashion Sketch

Your first Fashion Sketch may not be as expected...

Here you are, jumping in the big blue of Fashion Design, ready to begin your journey, and you assume  Sketching will be the main part of your new life's job.

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