How fashion design can make you happy?

(pictures by Petr Sevcovic on Fashion Design is a demanding job but it brings you HUGE FUN at the same time. If you're a fashion addict, you will adore becoming a Fashion Designer


Are you a fashion passionate?

Are you looking for an interesting and rewarding job?

Do you feel you are an artist and look for an artistic life?


Fashion Designer is a true dream job. You have plenty of personals satisfactions and get admired by your clients. You live amongst artists, you create wonderful clothes, people know your name and they dream to live just like you, it's an incredibly rewarding job indeed! On the other side, it's a demanding job, you work long hours and can be stressed when deadlines are close.

Did anyone know a Fashion Designer who quits because he doesn't like his job?               NO, of course! 

To make it simple, if you are a fashion addict, you should consider becoming a Fashion Designer yourself to live the life of your dream.


An embellished long dress and short jacket by Vivianne Westwood


Fashion Design studies are really fun, you meet a lot of people with the same dream, the same ideal. You learn the basics to release your inner creativity. You discover this wonderful world and lifestyle.

Nowadays, there are plenty of Fashion Design schools worldwide, not like when I studied myself in Paris.

Then, when you're done with your studies, you build your network, work for brands, develop your fashion design skills and eventually launch your own fashion business. Here's the way it was used to work and it's still working like this for many Fashion Designers.


BECAUSE Fashion Schools are very expensive, and studies are long, taking from 2 to 4 years to complete.

BECAUSE you're too young to enter a Fashion Design school but you want to begin designing JUST NOW! 

BECAUSE you live in a remote location where there's no Fashion School at all!

BECAUSE your family wants you to make other (serious) studies or BECAUSE this is not a job for a man!

BECAUSE  you already have a job you don't really like BUT you can't afford living this job to study

BECAUSE you are a stay-at-home mum who wants to fulfil her dream


You attend an online course from home, cheaper, easier than going to a Fashion Design school. You can learn Fashion Design even if you're a teen. You work at your own pace, when you come back home or when your children are at school. You just need an internet connection, a computer and basic tools you can easily get even if you live in a remote location. You can learn Fashion Design even if your family doesn't agree with your dream to become a Fashion Designer or even if you're a man (most Fashion Designers are men). You can learn Fashion Design just to know if this job is made for you and then, attend a Fashion Design school. You can upgrade your skills if you are already working in Fashion or if you are a seamstress.......


When it comes to the choice, you have to consider the programme of the course and double check it includes absolutely all necessary skills. No useless knowledge though because you want to have results very quickly!

What you need is a complete, practical, step-by-step course with 1:1 support when you need any. A course that makes you design from Day 1 and discover what a true Fashion Designer job is. Avoid courses that make you first study history of clothing for weeks, then colours, then fabrics, then artistic drawing and so on. They only give you knowledge one apart from the other but don't make them work together, so you never experience a true Fashion Designer's daily work.

S4FD's course is a 100% efficient, practical course. The author has put inside all that she's learned in her own Fashion Design School, Esmod in Paris, plus all she learned afterwards during her years of experience as a Fashion Designer and Pattern Drafter. S4FD course is short, cheap and efficient because we made it be just that!

Have a look at our programme, you'll see that everything is organised to make you live the true fashion life from DAY1. Just register to our mailing list using the button below and you'll receive great free content about Fashion Design and some introduction to Fashion Design courses as well. 

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