Is 70s style coming back?


I must say I'm glad they do because I was too young at that period so 70s are not in my background. It's always instructing to think why this style becomes new again just NOW!


Why did 70s style appear?

A strong fashion style like the 70s one (I'm speaking about last 60s and beginning of 70s style) appeared along with a society change. At that time, young people were fighting against old society rules, war, wild capitalism, consumerism and pollution (already!). They imagined an ideal world and lived or tried to live according to this ideal life. 

At the same time, there was a strong artistic, architectural, political evolution in western countries that is somehow still alive today.

That's why 70s style is still an inspiration for a 2018 modern style.


Hippies dressed with used, non commercial clothes

Is 70s inspiration going to last?

Fashion is not evolving by itself, it's more a reflection about current societies evolution, about our lifestyle evolution. It's a concentrate of how the Fashion Designer understands this evolution. Nowadays people have a strong preoccupation about the future of the planet, about new war threats appearing on hot spots all around the planet and about freedom disappearing in all these countries (and even more for women). They feel politicians doesn't understand well the emergency of this stressing situation. As a result, going back to the 70s when exactly the same issues were pointed out by young people worldwide makes sense. 

As 2018 societies's challenges are as big as 70s'ones, this trend is going to last a while.

About freedom

Freedom was the 1st battle of hippies in the 70s and, looking back to compare what they achieved, you can see that we didn't really kept their legacy well. Everywhere freedom for journalists, workers, women, alternative lifestyles is vanishing, and not only in Turkey or Russia! 

About war

Well just watch the news and you'll understand what I mean!

About consumerism and pollution

After so many years without any action from our politicians, now the global situation has become an emergency

About fashion business

In the Fashion world, this is the most relevant difference between the 70s and now. Whatever feeling the Fashion Designer wants to express through his(her) collection, fashion business is filtering out all that is not commercial enough. And it can be hard to resist and keep on with what you want to express. Or you have to build your own brand and make yourself known as a pioneer, knowing that you may be famous but never fabulously successful. 

If you feel you are an artist in your fashion expression, this could be your own path...


A hippy inspiration on a runway

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