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The online course for aspiring Fashion Design you were looking for!

Hi, I'm Anya and I like to help you become a fashion designer

You've always been dreaming of becoming a fashion designer 

but you're not good at drawing or you don't sew or ...

I can hear these objections almost every day but this is just not true!   Absolutely not true!

To become a fashion designer and change your life, here is what you really need: a huge passion for fashion and personal work. For fashion design knowledge, sketching skills and sewing technics, I'm here to teach you!

Then you'll get self-confidence and begin your journey into the fashion world...

Why you should join S4FD online fashion design course

Learn Fashion Design easily at your own pace step-by-step, you learn online with 1:1 support  all necessary skills, only useful skills

fashion-designer, fabric-  draper,  pattern-drafter all-included. It's a 3-in-1 course . You learn all compulsory basics to create your own collection.

Low price with 1st step FREE 

with great pay as you go plan. You get lots of great content plus all updates.

100% satisfaction with our professional programme and 1:1 support. You learn only practical and useful skills. Only skills that you will use during your future Fashion Designer life.

S4FD fashion design course includes 

10 Steps to go

and lots of practice with home assessments

9 Clothes 

in your 1st fashion collection you create during your course


one to one support with lots of showcases


 You have time to valuate if this course do for YOU!

  And lots of great content always updated!

There are only few launches per year and for each, number of students is limited 


From the very first day you 

design, pattern, build

your own first collection 


Top & skirt, dress, shirt & pants, tracksuit, coat, couture suit, cocktail outfit and bridal dress.

When you achieve the course 

you're ready to launch your own brand

  1. 1


Students learn from home at their own pace and usually take about 9 to 18 months to fully achieve the course.

To create each outfit from scratch students progression includes:

  1. Knowledge of fashion world
  2. Searching and finding fashion trends
  3. Technology and use of fabrics
  4. Sketching by hand and with computer or tablet
  5. Target, market, coming out of your collection
  6. Pattern drafting and draping technics
  7. Sewing technics to build from fabric to finalised garments
  8. Grow your own brand, your fashion identity
  9. Your first sale and your fashion reputation

The number of students in each course is very low, at maximum 25. This number is set to provide each student with a one-to-one support during his learning. We offer the 1st step. Yes, you begin to study FOR FREE. You have time to valuate if this course do for you. No refund to wait for, no risk.

At the end of the course, students get an S4FD fashion designer certificate.

You get everything you need to start your own business when you're finished with this course

Why should I register now to S4FD?

Our course launches are sold out very quickly as each "class" welcomes only at maximum 25 students.  If you wait until you hear about a new launch, you'll certainly miss it!

It's free, without any engagement, you get lots of great free content and can opt-out when you want.

Register now you'll receive a mail when the launch is on with a link to subscribe

You're sure you won't miss anything



When you learn in a traditional fashion school, you attend your lessons in a school class and pay for a rental nearby during several years and during this long period, you cannot work and earn your living. The global price of traditional fashion school is something like this:

  1. Full fashion design course including fashion trends, fabrics technology, sketching technique: €5,247.00
  2. Full draping and flat pattern drafting course with an introduction to computerised patterns: €2,497.00
  3. Full cutting and sewing course using industrial sizes and bespoke measures: €2,987.00

TOTAL COST for 3 years of full-time study: € 10,731.00


You can begin FOR FREE and see if this course do for YOU! 1st Step is FREE!

You study from home and become a Fashion Designer in months (usually 9 to 18 months)​​

You follow a step-by-step course that includes all necessary skills. You work at home just like you'd work in the real life: studying fashion evolutions, building mood boards, focusing on your collection, sourcing for fabrics, drawing your collection, draping, pattern making, sewing, marketing your brand.

you get bunches of videos and documents including One to one Support when needed, additional pdf and videos about special techniques, access to other students showcase, special videos to show out author tips and tricks, for a total bonus value of €3,988.00 

 paying only one and only €956.00* at subscription and save €277.00


Grab our fantastic PAY AS YOU GO offer, and pay when you can afford €137.00** for each step.

*With the one and only payment plan, you get access to steps 2 to step 10 of our course, each step beginning after the one before is finished and you keep access to the whole course for 3 years. 1st step is free.

**You pay for the following step when you can afford and you keep access to the steps you've paid for, for 3 years. Note: To attend a step, you need to study before skills from all the previous steps, from 1: beginner up to 10: professional. 

Discounts for small groups, please contact us for a quotation
NGOs and Charities, please contact us for a bespoke quotation

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